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Our dedicated site will help you with tips, advice and solutions for managing swallowing difficulties and under nourishment.

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Swallowing Difficulties

Whether you have noticed any difficulties with your swallow or have been diagnosed with dysphagia by a healthcare professional, issues when swallowing can be worrying. Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, we have tips and advice to help you understand and cope with the condition.

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Under Nourishment

If you are finding you are struggling to eat a full meal or your appetite isn't what it once was, we have information and advice here which may help, If you are concerned about your own or loved ones reduced appetite and potential under nourishment, click through to find out how we can help.

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Our Range of Products

No one else has put more energy, effort and time into creating dishes that are completely safe for anyone living with swallowing difficulties as well as small portions for those with smaller appetites at risk of under nourishment. So even if you have difficulties swallowing or have a reduced appetite, you can still get a delicious meal that meets your needs.

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Healthcare Professionals

This area of our site is dedicated to healthcare professionals, containing a selection of useful informative articles, brochures and patient resources for us to help you care for your patients.

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About Us

Over the last 25 years, we've been cooking and delivering good food that's frozen fresh for our customers to enjoy whenever they like. We are absolute experts when it comes to Specialist Nutrition meals, we believe everyone should look forward to a tasty nutritious meal and that's why we have created meals for those with swallowing difficulties and those at risk of under nourishment.

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