Swallowing difficulties shouldn’t mean that anyone misses out this Christmas…

Christmas is traditionally seen as a special time of year - full of joy and for spending quality time with friends and family. For many of us, a highlight of the day is gathering around the table to share a traditional meal with our loved ones in an act of celebration and festive cheer.

Christmas Dinner Delivery

Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, we believe that everyone should look forward to a tasty and appetising meal, whatever their requirements are, and Christmas is no exception…

We have an award-winning range primarily designed for those who require a soft or puréed diet – this is our Softer Foods range, which caters to a range of texture-modified requirements; Level 4 (puréed), Level 5 (Minced) and Level 6 (Soft & Bite-Sized).

Our range delivers festive meals at a texture that is easier to enjoy for those with swallowing difficulties.



Puréed Turkey with Stuffing *NEW
Delicious turkey topped with a flavoursome gravy. Served with stuffing, duchess potatoes and red cabbage.

Puréed Honey Glazed Pork with Apple Sauce *NEW
Try something new this festive season. Our puréed honey glazed pork comes packed with traditional Christmas flavours. Served with an apple sauce, sage and onion sauté potatoes and green beans.


Puréed Festive Pudding and Vanilla Sauce *NEW
Make Christmas sweet with this delicious puréed cinnamon and mixed spice sponge served with a creamy vanilla sauce

If you can’t decide what to choose, why not try our softer foods Christmas Menu pack, it comes with 8 main meals, 3 delicious desserts and FREE delivery.


Level 4 Diet

If you or a loved one requires a puréed (Level 4) diet, then our Purée meals are ideal for you. All our puréed ready meals are blended to the right consistency, making them safe for consumption.

You can save time this Christmas and spend time with loved ones around the dinner table by ordering our delicious Purée Petite Turkey in Gravy; puréed turkey in gravy served with sage and onion sauté potatoes and carrots, essentially Christmas on a plate.

Alternatively, tuck into our Purée Classic Turkey in Gravy; delicious puréed turkey breast in a smooth gravy. Served with mashed potato, carrots & swede.

What’s more, we even have a few sweet treats. Our puréed dessert range is full of delicious cold and hot desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth. Shop our range of Purée Desserts here.

Level 5 Diet

Our Minced (Level 5) meals are prepared by our talented chefs who work alongside our dietitian to ensure all our meals are nutritionally balanced, as well as being delicious and safe to eat.

If you or some you know requires a Level 5 Minced diet for swallowing difficulties, then our Minced Turkey in Gravy is the ideal dish for Christmas. This festive treat comes with all of the trimmings. Succulent turkey breast in a rich, seasoned gravy served with mashed potato, carrots and Brussels sprouts.

Order your Christmas Dinner

Take a look at our full Softer Foods range for some more tasty ways to make life a little easier to swallow. Get your Christmas order in or simply request a free brochure from the link below to explore our variety of specialist dishes in more detail.

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