We're proud to announce that our Mini Meals Extra range has won a prestigious food award!

The ‘Diet & Health’ category at the 2018 Food & Drink Federation Awards, acknowledged businesses who identified an issue within the diet and health sectors and went above and beyond to help solve the problem. Wiltshire Farm Foods recognises that within society there are a growing number of individuals with reduced appetites, in particular within the older population. These people still require useful amounts of key nutrients including calories and protein but in a smaller portion size.

Following engagement with experts including dietitians and other healthcare professionals, the Mini Meals Extra range was introduced. This range of dishes is designed to offer a nutritious meal in a smaller, more manageable portion size to individuals with reduced appetites who may otherwise struggle to eat a full meal. All 11 meals offer the following:

- Over 500 calories

- At least 20 grams of protein

- Manageable 280-300g portion size

Ian Stone, Managing Director at Wiltshire Farm Foods discusses the importance of the range; “We recognised the growing need to provide meals for those requiring smaller meals and realised we needed to act. This range of meals looks to provide a delicious meal in a more manageable size, while ensuring vital nutritional needs are met.”

Helen Willis, Dietitian at Wiltshire Farm Foods said; “The development of the Mini Meals Extra range has allowed us to offer dishes which specifically look to tackle a nationwide challenge. Since the launch we have had amazing feedback from our customers which really justifies all the hard work that goes into creating a range like this.”

Ian Stone continues, “Receiving recognition and the award is an incredible achievement. But what is more important, is hearing positive feedback back from our customers. Since the range was released, we have had many customers tell us it’s improved their quality of life, which is incredible to hear. Our customers sit at the heart of our business, so feedback like this makes it all worthwhile.”