Our range of Purée Desserts are the perfect indulgent treat for anyone with swallowing difficulties requiring a Level 4 puréed diet.

If you have swallowing difficulties (also known as dysphagia) you may have been recommended a puréed diet to make food safer to swallow. Although some aspects of your life may be affected by swallowing difficulties, it doesn’t mean that your enjoyment of food should diminish. 

Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, we understand the importance of choice. That’s why our chefs have worked hard to ensure that you don’t have to miss out on your favourite sweet treats despite having a swallowing difficulty.

Our Purée Desserts are a smooth, puréed consistency so you can be sure that they’re completely safe for a Level 4 diet, whilst at the same time taking away the challenges of home-blending your own puddings. What’s more, they complement our main range of puréed ready meals perfectly. Whether you’re looking for something hot or cold, sweet or fruity, there will be something in our Purée Desserts range to suit your taste.


Hot Purée Desserts

In our hot dessert range, we have traditional favourites of Purée Sticky Toffee Pudding and Purée Bakewell Sponge both served with deliciously warming custard.  Or if you’re looking for something a bit more fruity, our zesty Purée Lemon Sponge or Purée Summer Fruit Pie might be the ideal choice - and don’t miss out on our delicious Purée Apple Pie!




Cold Purée Desserts

Our cold desserts offer a tasty treat to satisfy your sweet cravings and are perfect for the warmer weather or as a snack whenever you are feeling peckish. Choose from the Purée Coffee Dessert, or either the Strawberry or Chocolate Mousse for a light snack to tempt your taste buds.



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