We’re really proud of our award-winning Softer Foods range – but we’re also passionate about continuously innovating and improving the range. We know that our customers with swallowing difficulties still eat with their eyes, which is why we’ve visually enhanced selected Purée Petite meals, creating our most appetising purée meals yet.

Thanks to an innovative new finish which our talented team of chefs have created, selected dishes in the Purée Petite range now look tastier than ever before. Sausages appear freshly sizzled, grillsteaks look gently seared whilst chips and sauté potatoes are golden brown, like they’ve been freshly fried.

What’s more our chefs have made these improvements without changing the great taste, safe texture or nutritional content of the meals.

We are really proud of these newly improved Purée Petite meals – making them look more appetising and better than ever before to bring the dignity back to dining for those with swallowing difficulties.

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Meals in the Puree Petite range are suitable for those requiring a Level 4 pureed diet*

*As specified by IDDSI guidelines – iddsi.org

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