Christmas is a time for loved ones to come together, spread cheer and joy and share Christmas traditions. One Christmas tradition being everyone sat around the table enjoying a festive feast full of classic dishes.

It would be common for someone living with dysphagia to eat only what they know is safe for them and stay away from the food that might commonly be presented on the table at Christmas. When someone experiences anxieties about eating, it can take the enjoyment away from the dining experience.

This year that can change as our dedicated team of chefs have put together something special – our Christmas Softer Foods Collection.


2020 is the year that we bring you a traditional trio of puréed Christmas dishes for you or your loved ones to look forward to and enjoy over the Christmas period.  These meals are made in line with IDDSI guidelines and are suitable for a Level 4 & 5 diet (puréed and minced).

This year, enjoy all the traditional flavours of Christmas at your leisure.

The dishes...


A classic dish of Puréed Turkey with Stuffing (7355) served in a tasty gravy with a side serving of stuffing, duchess potatoes and red cabbage.


Fancy something a bit different this Christmas? How about our succulent Puréed Honey Glazed Pork (7354) with Apple Sauce in gravy, served with a side of sage & onion sauté potatoes and green beans.

This dish is also Gluten Free.


And saving the sweet stuff until last, treat yourself to our Puréed Festive Pudding (7170) – a puréed cinnamon and mixed spice sponge served with a creamy vanilla sauce.



This Christmas we’re taking the way the hassle of home blending and mashing with these easy to cook meals that are delivered frozen straight to your door by your local friendly driver and ready for you to pop in your oven or microwave* whenever you like.

If you want to browse beyond our Christmas collection and view our full Softer Foods range, you can simply visit us on or request a free brochure below or get in touch with your local branch.

*(Please follow cooking instructions carefully)


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