Caring For Elderly Nutrition

As we grow older, our lifestyle and dietary requirements can change. Health conditions can impact our eating habits, causing loss of appetite, thus a lack of valuable nutrients in our diet. For this reason, when caring for an elderly relative or friend, it is important to understand the value of providing calorie rich and nutritious foods.

Loss of appetite in the Elderly

With age, our energy levels can drop as a result of reduced metabolism and a decline in physical activity. This can lead to a loss of appetite, meaning three big meals a day may prove too much and adapting to smaller, but more frequent portions may be the way forward. Skipping meals or consuming foods that lack the right nutrients frequently can run the risk of malnutrition.

Malnutrition in the Elderly

Malnutrition can be common in elderly individuals because of ever changing eating habits. It is good to know the signs of malnutrition so it can be prevented early on. Certain health conditions can cause a lack of appetite or a lack of mobility, meaning a visit to the shops or cooking food becomes more difficult – meal delivery services such as Wiltshire Farm Foods could help overcome this obstacle.

If you are caring for someone with malnutrition, introducing high energy, high protein snacks can be a good way of maintaining calorie intake throughout the day. For some useful suggestions on snacks, click here. Also, our Mini Meals Extra range is designed for those who require high calorie or nutrient intake but require smaller portion sizes.

Eating with Health Conditions

Our eating habits can often be impacted when suffering with health conditions. For example, caring for someone with diabetes means ensuring they follow a consistently balanced diet to control their blood sugar levels.

Someone who may have experienced a stroke, dementia or cancer may be living with swallowing difficulties also known as dysphagia – meaning they may have to avoid certain foods or modify the texture of the foods they eat.

Softer Food Diet

If you are caring for family or friends with dysphagia, then you’ll be aware they must follow a texture modified diet, which can come in different forms. These are:

- Level 4, Purée Meals

- Level 5, Minced Meals

- Level 6, Soft & Bite-Sized Meals

You can find out more about the different levels of texture modified meals on our website.

Ensuring safe texture modified food at home can be challenging. You need to ensure it is safe for that person to eat, avoiding the risk of choking or aspirating (definition/explanation). To ensure your food is safe, you can do these simple IDDSI food tests before plating up to serve.

At Wiltshire Farm Foods we are Softer Food Specialists. Our puree range has gained recognition in recent years and we are proud to say it has won us multiple queens awards. Our in house team of chefs and dietitians work together to ensure there are a variety of delicious Softer Foods dishes to offer.

Our range extends to a puree level 4 diet, minced level 5 diet or soft and bite-sized level 6 diet. We also offer our puree petite range which have smaller portions for those with a reduced appetite, but are meals that are high in calories and protein.

We have over 80 meals in our softer foods range, covering a whole range of breakfast items, hot meals and sweet treats including staple favourites such as Puree Beef Stew, Puree Shepherd’s pie, Puree Macaroni Cheese, Puree Apple Pie and Custard and much more.

Ready Meals Delivered to Your Door

All our meals are delivered for free, directly to your door by our local friendly drivers. If you are caring for a loved one you can order the meals on their behalf and you can have comfort in knowing their dietary requirements and taste buds are in capable hands.

Using a meal delivery service such as Wiltshire Farm Foods helps take the pressure off meal times, provides you with a range of new options to try, keeping meal times enjoyable and a time to look forward to and most of all provides convenience to both you and your loved one.

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