Christmas is a time for celebration. Having family come together at the dinner table while sharing a feast of festive dishes is a tradition our loved ones look forward the most at Christmas. 

However, for someone living with dysphagia, sharing traditional meals at Christmas may be intimidating and daunting, taking away the enjoyment from the dining experience. Loved ones with swallowing difficulties commonly choose foods that are safe to eat and stay away from our classic festive dishes.

At Wiltshire farm Foods, we understand the importance of Christmas as a special time of the year and an opportunity to gather around the table to share and enjoy food with our loved ones. We believe that everyone should look forward to tasty and appetizing meals, and Christmas is not an exception. 

This year we brought back our limited edition Christmas Softer Foods Collection, making the traditional Christmas flavours available to you and your loved ones. The featuring meals are Pureed Turkey with Stuffing and Pureed Festive Pudding with Custard. These meals are suitable for those following a Level 4 (Pureed) and Level 5 (Minced) diets and are made in line with IDDSI guidelines. These mouth-watering ready meals let your loved ones enjoy festive flavours in a texture and shape they love, bringing back joy and dignity to mealtimes.


Puréed Turkey with Stuffing
Delicious turkey topped with a flavoursome gravy. Served with stuffing, duchess potatoes and red cabbage.

Puréed Festive Pudding and Vanilla Sauce
Make Christmas sweet with this delicious puréed cinnamon and mixed spice sponge served with a creamy vanilla sauce

Alternatively, check out our Purée Classic Turkey in Gravy; puréed turkey breast in a smooth gravy and served with mashed potato, carrots & swede.

If you or your loved ones are on a Level 5 Minced diet, our Minced Turkey in gravy is your Christmas dish this year. This succulent turkey breast is cooked in a rich, seasoned gravy served with mashed potato, carrots and Brussels sprouts.


This Christmas, you can spend time with loved ones around the dinner table and forget about that hassle of preparing a texture modified meal; simply order from Wilthsire Farm Foods.

If you want to browse beyond our Christmas collection and view our full Softer Foods range, you can simply visit us on or request a free brochure below or get in touch with your local branch.


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