22 November 2019

What to do if you have swallowing problems

If you have started experiencing swallowing issues, it can be quite daunting. Our guide advises the best steps to take and the foods that you should avoid.

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25 October 2019

Having trouble swallowing food? Here’s what to eat

If you are finding it difficult to swallow food, then we have put together this handy guide of where to seek help and some guidance on what foods you can safely eat.

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01 October 2019

10 facts you might not know about dysphagia

We've put together a list of ten facts about dysphagia to help anyone wanting to understand more about the condition, for themselves or their loved ones.

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12 September 2019

What to eat after tooth extraction

After tooth extraction, it can be painful to eat. We provide a list of foods that we would recommend to make it easier to eat following any dental surgery.

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03 September 2019

A slice of something nice...

Our chefs have been busy adding to the menu! Discover our brand new Purée Quiches and Purée Cakes, perfect for an afternoon treat or even as a light lunch.

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27 August 2019

How to care for someone with malnutrition

We provide guidance on how to spot signs of malnutrition early and give tips on how you can help care for someone who is at risk or living with malnutrition.

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01 August 2019

Purée Desserts - what’s on the menu?

Our range of Purée Desserts are the perfect indulgent treat for anyone with swallowing difficulties requiring a Level 4 puréed diet. Find out more in our new blog.

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19 June 2019

How does dysphagia cause aspiration?

We know it can be confusing understanding a medical condition, so we want to help uncover more about dysphagia and the signs of aspiration.

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17 May 2019

Purée Ready Meals: The Ultimate Guide

Our ultimate guide to puréed meals should explain everything you need to know for someone requiring a puréed diet.

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