Listen to Our New Podcast - The Dietitian Dairies

Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods we have decided to put our dietetics expertise to greater use with the launch of 'Dietitian Diaries', a podcast hosted by our in house Dietitian, Emily Stuart.


Specifically for dietitians and healthcare professionals, this podcast features different well-known guests who discuss important dietetic and nutrition related topics.

Emily is delighted to be hosting this podcast, here's what she has to say about it:


'I think it's really important to get conversations started about key issues patients might face when it comes to nutrition'

'I'm looking forward to discussions with a variety of inspiring clinical minds practicing in dietetics today'

'Our aim is to provide dietitians and clinicians with interesting, factual and insightful information that they can use in their professional settings'

'My hope is that we can create highly engaging conversation within the dietetics community following each episode' - So don't forget to share your thoughts on each episode on Twitter with @SNwff using #DietitianDiaries

Episode 1 features Simone Roberts, a community dietitian who works with older adults and those with learning difficulties. she is also a member of the BDA's Older Peoples Group. In this first episode, Emily shines a light on Malnutrition Awareness Week, founded by BAPEN and Malnutrition Task Force. Exploring the crucial issues surrounding nutrition within the community setting and the challenges faced by those providing care.

Episode 2 features Tess Essop, an Adult Nero Speech and Language Therapist. This episode focuses on the IDDSI framework, how it links to critical issues surrounding nutrition and how it helps dietitians and healthcare professionals in general to provide the best care for their patients. Emily discusses with Tess the important of a MDT approach, her role in meeting nutritional requirements of dysphagia patients and considerations around IDDSI levels when working with her patients.

Episode 3 features Alison Smith, who has been a qualified dietitian for more than 20 years. In this episode, Emily and Alison discuss the prevention and treatment of malnutrition. 

Head to Apple Podcasts or Spotify to listen to the first three episodes of The Dietitian Diaries:

The Dietitian Diaries brought to you by Wiltshire Farm Foods on Apple Podcasts

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