Once diagnosed with malnutrition or under nourishment your GP or Dietitian will provide you with tips on how to manage the condition at home, these may include.

Managing your diet

• Eating a balanced healthy diet
• Snacking between meals such as high calorie foods such as biscuits and cake
• Having drinks with lots of calories like milkshakes and adding whole milk to tea and coffee
• Fortifying existing foods such as adding butter, cream, cheese or whole milk to mashed potato or sauces, adding cream to porridge, having puddings with creamy yoghurt and adding cream to soups if cooking at home.

Oral Nutritional Supplements

Oral nutritional supplements are usually milk based or juice drinks that contain energy, protein, vitamins and minerals that support a healthy balanced diet. They are specially designed for people who may not be able to eat enough food to meet their needs

There are many types of Oral Nutritional Supplements available (ONS), your Dietitian or GP will be able to recommend one that works best for you. It’s important to remember that for most people ONS are meant to be consumed between meals and not as a meal replacement.

Mini Meals Extra from Wiltshire Farm Foods

Mini Meals Extra is our great range of small delicious meals that serves up that satisfying main meal feeling, but in a smaller more manageable portion. Each meal contains 501-514 calories and 20-27g of protein and make a great solution for lunch or dinner. Combined with high calorie snacks and breakfasts they can form part of a convenient solution to help manage malnutrition for those with small appetites.

So, even if your appetite isn’t what it used to be, with Mini Meals Extra you can still benefit from the day-to-day calories and protein you need.

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Our range developed for those at risk of malnutrition.

Mini Meals Extra

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