Softer Foods from Wiltshire Farm Foods

For over 30 years, we've been cooking and delivering delicious frozen meals for our customers to enjoy whenever they like.

Whether you need a softer diet or you simply have a smaller appetite and want a manageable meal that leaves you feeling satisfied, our Softer Foods dishes are a delicious, nutritious option.

There are over 85 dishes to choose from in our Softer Foods range, hand-delivered by local drivers who are reliable, friendly and here to help you.

Want to get started? Simply place your order - you can order as often or as little as you like, there's no contract - and your driver will deliver it to you free*, even straight in to your freezer if you wish!


* Minimum order in some areas

Puree Meals (Level 4)

Purée Petite

Our Purée Petite meals offer smaller, more manageable portion sizes, for those with swallowing difficulties whose appetite might not be what it once was.

Purée Classic

An innovative range of puréed ready meals which are a similar portion size as the rest of the main meals in the Wiltshire Farm Foods range – a convenient and tasty option.

Puréed Toasties & Snacks

Our Trio of tasty Purée Toasties and range of Snacks are ideal as a light bite or smaller lunchtime option for anyone requiring a Level 4 Purée diet.

Purée Breakfasts

From warm fruity porridges to traditional cooked breakfasts, our range of Purée Breakfasts are perfect for anyone on a Level 4 Purée diet.

Purée Desserts

We have delicious hot and cold desserts available for those who need a Level 4 Purée diet, that are simple and convenient to prepare.

Minced Meals (Level 5)

With over 16 meals to choose from in our Level 5 Minced and Minced Shaped range, there will be something for everything. This range was formerly named Soft Meals (Category D).

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Soft & Bite-Sized Meals (Level 6)

Our Soft & Bite-Sized range of meals are ideal for anyone who enjoys their meat and vegetables being a little more tender and easier to chew or for those requiring a Level 6 diet due to swallowing difficulties.

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Mini Meals Extra

Mini Meals Extra is our great range of small but delicious meals that serve up that satisfying main meal feeling but in a smaller more manageable portion.

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What Our Customers Say

  • ""I have clients that have to have a purée diet, you cater for that. I have clients with smaller appetites, you cater for that. You make my job so much easier. So please Wiltshire Farm Foods, don't ever change and keep doing what you're doing""
    C. White - Domiciliary Care Worker
  • ""My mother has great difficulty chewing her food and when we found that Wiltshire Farm foods make pureed meals it was and is an absolute godsend. Now she can have a healthy meal with no worries, thank you Wiltshire Farm Foods.""
    Mrs Malpass - My mother has great difficulty chewing…
  • "It is very easy to place an order online either for yourself or someone else. The range of meals is amazing including desserts and options for people with special diets. I needed pureed meals for my father for example. It is even easier to place repeat orders as your details are saved. For my area there are two delivery dates a week which is more than sufficient particularly as the meals will keep for several weeks in the freezer. If I have had a problem the staff are very helpful. My mother really enjoys the meals and now being by herself they ensure she has a good meal each day."
    Richard Law - Excellent range and easy to order
  • "Small pureed meals excellent for my needs. Tasty and about the right size. I enjoyed them. Swift delivery; helpful delivery man (Stoke depot)."
    David Thomas Law - Happy customer
  • "Great choice, brilliant service and lovely delivery drivers, we order meals for my 90 year old mother in law who needs puréed food. The drivers put the meals in the freezer when they deliver them - excellent thankyou."
    Angela Mills - Excellent all round
  • "They are a great company very reliable and very helpful. I use them for my mom for her puree food diet and in a year and a half since using them weekly they never missed a delivery. More than that if I forget to place my order they call me to remind me. The staff are really friendly and helpful"
    Mrs Moise - Great 5* service
  • "Staff are great in the office and the drivers are great too they can’t do enough for you. Food is well balanced and great for Mum as she has a soft diet and we could not get the food as puréed as they can, this means Mum finds no bits that she would otherwise just chew and chew."
    Mrs Reid - Staff are great in the office and the …
  • "Excellent quality of puréed meals for a family member who can only eat puréed food. Shaped into 'real' sausages, fish, potatoes etc. Shows great consideration and thought towards how we all 'eat with our eyes' first. And the family member, who is terminally ill, closes her eyes and actually goes 'mmmm' to some of the meals. Our job is to make sure she has moments of pleasure each day as we don't know how many days are left: that she laughs, enjoys food, smiles etc. Since it's difficult for her to eat, the pureed meals from Wiltshire Farm Foods were the first thing after trying many 'soft food' pap=-like alternatives, that made her smile and made us feel we were giving her real pleasure in her food."
    Phil Dourado - Excellent quality of pureed meals for a …
  • "Hi my wife Patricia Has Frontal Templar Dementia and as problems eating food The range of Puree Meals which we had never tried before are just what she needed This week we have had a different meal each day and she has eaten everything that I have put before her It's great to see her eating again thank you Regards Mr D Harvey"
    Mr Harvey - Frontal Templar Dementia …
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Andy's Story

Since discovering Wiltshire Farm Foods, Andy hasn’t looked back. After undergoing chemo and radiotherapy treatment for throat cancer, he started experiencing dysphagia and was struggling to find food that was the right consistency and safe to eat. With the help of our Softer Foods range, Andy and his wife are able to enjoy mealtimes again.

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