Delicious meals created for those with swallowing difficulties.

Our mission for our Softer Foods range is to bring back the joy to dining for those with swallowing and chewing difficulties. With more than 80 pre-prepared dishes across three different textures, our award-winning Softer Foods offers a safe and easy way to enjoy nutritious meals at the right texture for you.

Whatever the texture or portion size, we really focus on flavour and nutrition. No one else has put more time and effort into creating dishes that taste delicious and meet a wide range of dietary needs. And they’re just as convenient to order and cook from frozen as the rest of our range.

The textures of our ranges are made in line with the latest NHS standards and guidance, meaning you can enjoy your favourite foods with complete peace of mind. You can browse the ranges below to find out more about the three different textures available here at Wiltshire Farm Foods.

Purée Meals (Level 4)

These dishes are a consistently smooth texture, still thick enough to eat with a fork and created so you can enjoy the distinct flavours of each element.

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Minced Meals (Level 5)

Requiring little to no chewing but with more varied texture. In this range you'll find comforting dishes such as casseroles and stews served with mashed sides.

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Soft & Bite-Sized (Level 6)

These meals feature soft and manageable pieces of meat, fish and vegetables in rich and delicious sauces. Accompaniments are diced or mashed for ease of enjoyment.

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