Dishes within our Level 5 Minced texture category are minced and require little to no chewing.

Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, our talented chefs have created a selection of Minced ready meals to offer tasty, appealing dishes that require little to no chewing but with a more varied texture than our puréed range of dishes. Our Minced meals are safe for anyone who has been advised by a healthcare professional to follow a Level 5 Minced & Moist diet for swallowing difficulties.

What’s more, our delicious Minced meals come ready-prepared to take away the extra hassle of home-blending your own foods, so not only are they safe but they’re convenient too. Simply pop a meal straight in the oven or microwave straight from the freezer.

In this range you’ll find comforting dishes such as casseroles and stews served with mashed sides. There’s many tasty options to choose from so whatever your preferences, you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

Now also part of the Softer Foods range are our Level 5 Minced Shaped meals, these dishes are served with delicious sauces and look more appetising than ever before!

You can find these meals in the Softer Foods section of our brochure or browse them on the main Wiltshire Farm Foods website.

NEW for Spring & Summer 2021

Introducing our NEW Level 5 Minced Cod in Parsley Sauce. Served with mashed potato, carrots and broccoli. 

"The creamy and herby sauce makes this dish a real delight to eat" - Phil Rimmer, Head Chef

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Our Minced Meals - The Benefits

Safer swallowing:

Our Minced meals meet the latest NHS guidelines for texture modified meals, ensuring that they meet a safe consistency for those on a Level 5 minced diet. Despite best efforts, it can be challenging to achieve the right food consistency through home-blending, therefore our pre-prepared minced meals make for a safer alternative.

They're easy and convenient:

Our dishes require no preparation as they come ready-prepared and can be cooked straight from frozen, saving you lots of time, effort and washing up.

They're tasty and nutritious:

Our talented chefs work hard with our dietitian Emily, to ensure the nutritional content of all our dishes are well-balanced, at the same time as being delicious!


Catering for special dietary requirements

There are several tasty vegetarian options in our Minced range and we also cater for gluten free diets too, with most of the dishes in the range being free from gluten.

To help you find meals that are right for you, we use dietary symbols in our brochures and on our Wiltshire Farm Foods website to indicate which meals are suitable for vegetarian and gluten free diets, as shown on the right.

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