Dishes in this texture category are puréed and smooth with a consistent texture.

They are then shaped into main meals so they look as good as they taste. But most importantly these dishes are prepared to a Category C consistency ensuring these meals are suitable for those with dysphagia who require a Category C Thick Purée diet.

We offer two different sizes of Category C purée dishes: Purée Classic and Purée Petite. Purée Classic meals are the same portion size as the rest of the main meals in the Wiltshire Farm Foods range, while our Purée Petite range offers smaller servings. The meals in the Purée Petite range are energy dense* so they give you a similar calorie and protein content as our larger Purée Classic dishes.

You can choose from a selection of Category C main meals, including breakfasts, sandwiches and hot and cold desserts. It’s as simple as popping a meal in the oven or microwave and having something safe and delicious to eat.

* Energy dense: at least 500kcal per portion.

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Purée Meals (Category C)

Purée Petite

Our Purée Petite Category C Thick Purée meals offer smaller, more manageable portion sizes, for our customers with swallowing difficulties whose appetite might not be what it once was.

Purée Classic

An innovative range of puréed ready meals. A convenient and tasty option for those with swallowing difficulties.

Purée Sandwiches

Our range of Puréed Sandwiches are a perfect snack or lunchtime options for anyone needing a Category C Thick Purée diet.

Purée Breakfasts

Our range of Puréed Breakfasts are perfect for anyone on a Category C Thick Purée diet.

Purée Desserts

We have cold and hot desserts available for those who need a Category C Thick Purée diet that are simple and convenient to prepare.

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