Dishes within our Level 4 Puréed texture category are puréed and smooth with a consistent texture.

Puréed meals are those which have had their texture modified to a level which is suitable for someone requiring a Level 4 Puréed diet for swallowing difficulties. Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, our talented chefs have created an innovative range of Purée ready meals which can be cooked in a microwave or oven straight from frozen, removing the extra hassle of home-blending.

But most importantly these tasty dishes are prepared to a Level 4 consistency ensuring that these meals are safe for those with dysphagia who require a Level 4 diet. What’s more, our talented chefs focus on flavour and nutrition so you can be sure that you are getting a meal that is not only delicious but balanced too.

We're putting rice back on the menu

Introducing 3 tasty new Purée Petite dishes with rice for the first time, each one bursting with bold flavours. Rice is a challenging food to purée and blend at home due to its high starch content and grainy form, but with our specialist methods, we have been able to achieve the correct consistency making it safe for those with swallowing difficulties. 


Our Purée meals come in two sizes

We offer two different sizes of our Level 4 Purée dishes: Purée Classic and Purée Petite. Purée Classic meals are the same portion size as the rest of the main meals in the Wiltshire Farm Foods range, while our Purée Petite range offers smaller servings for those with a smaller appetite.

We know how important it is to get the right nutritional intake regardless of level of swallowing difficulty, so our Purée Petite meals come with the added benefit that they are energy dense*, providing a similar calorie and protein content as our larger Purée Classic dishes.

* Energy dense: at least 500kcal per portion.


Size comparison of our Puree Classic and Puree Petite dishes

We don't just do main meals

You can also choose from a delicious selection of purée breakfasts, sandwiches, snacks and desserts – the choice is yours!

Whether you fancy a light bite or sweet treat, you can be sure to find the right option for you. It’s as simple as popping a meal in the oven or microwave and having something safe and delicious to eat.

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Puree Meals (Level 4)

Purée Petite

Our Purée Petite meals offer smaller, more manageable portion sizes, for those with swallowing difficulties whose appetite might not be what it once was.

Purée Classic

An innovative range of puréed ready meals which are a similar portion size as the rest of the main meals in the Wiltshire Farm Foods range – a convenient and tasty option.

Purée Sandwiches & Snacks

Our range of tasty Purée Sandwiches and Snacks are ideal as a light bite or smaller lunchtime option for anyone requiring a Level 4 Purée diet.

Purée Breakfasts

From warm fruity porridges to traditional cooked breakfasts, our range of Purée Breakfasts are perfect for anyone on a Level 4 Purée diet.

Purée Desserts

We have delicious hot and cold desserts available for those who need a Level 4 Purée diet, that are simple and convenient to prepare.

Our Purée Meals - The Benefits

They're safe:

Our puréed meals meet international guidelines for texture modified meals, ensuring that they meet a safe consistency for those on a Level 4 puréed diet. Despite best efforts, home-blending is often difficult to achieve the correct food consistency which can pose a greater risk of choking or aspiration. We can help to alleviate this risk by providing pre-prepared puréed meal and snack options.

They’re easy and convenient:

Our dishes are less time-consuming and more convenient than home blending as no preparation is required. Simply pop a meal in the oven or microwave straight from the freezer.

They’re tasty and nutritionally balanced:

Our talented chefs have worked hard to ensure that every dish prioritises nutrition, at the same time as being delicious. Don’t just take our word for it – along with our parent company, apetito, we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and our Head Chef, Phil, has won a Craft Guild of Chefs award for our Softer Foods range.

They look appetising:

Each meal component is blended and shaped separately to resemble how you would expect them to, making them look just as good as they taste.


Catering for special dietary requirements

There are many delicious vegetarian options in our Purée range, and some vegan options too. We also cater for gluten free diets too, with 30 out of the 55 dishes within our puréed range being free from gluten.

To help you find meals that are right for you, we use dietary symbols in our brochures and on our Wiltshire Farm Foods website to indicate which meals are suitable for vegetarian and gluten free diets, as shown on the right.

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