Start your day the tasty way with our selection of breakfast options specially created for a Level 4 Purée diet.

From your more traditional cooked breakfasts to warm fruity porridges, we have options for every mealtime so you can enjoy a delicious hot breakfast every day. Request a free brochure to explore the full range of Level 4 Purée Breakfasts.

Purée Porridges

Whether you prefer fruity or plain, our smooth and creamy porridge options are a deliciously warming way to start the day.

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Purée All-Day Breakfasts

Our traditional cooked breakfasts are tasty to eat at any time of day and simple and convenient to cook – we also have vegetarian options too.

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Request a free brochure to browse all of our Specialist Nutrition meal ranges:

Main brochure - includes all of our delicious meals. You will be able to find our Specialist Nutrition ranges in their own section at the back.

Softer Foods brochure - includes our range of meals for those with swallowing difficulties.

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Puree Meals (Level 4)

Purée Petite

Our Purée Petite meals offer smaller, more manageable portion sizes, for those with swallowing difficulties whose appetite might not be what it once was.

Purée Classic

An innovative range of puréed ready meals which are a similar portion size as the rest of the main meals in the Wiltshire Farm Foods range – a convenient and tasty option.

Purée Sandwiches & Snacks

Our range of tasty Purée Sandwiches and Snacks are ideal as a light bite or smaller lunchtime option for anyone requiring a Level 4 Purée diet.

Purée Breakfasts

From warm fruity porridges to traditional cooked breakfasts, our range of Purée Breakfasts are perfect for anyone on a Level 4 Purée diet.

Purée Desserts

We have delicious hot and cold desserts available for those who need a Level 4 Purée diet, that are simple and convenient to prepare.

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