Our Level 4 range of Purée Petite meals offer smaller, more manageable portion sizes for those experiencing swallowing difficulties whose appetite might not be what it once was. Now with innovative new finish, these meals look better than ever!

Our tasty Purée Petite dishes are prepared to a Level 4 consistency, ensuring that they are safe for those with dysphagia who require a Level 4 puréed diet, without the challenges posed by home-blending your own meals.

The Purée Petite dishes come in a smaller serving than our Purée Classic dishes but are energy dense* to provide a similar level of calories and protein to our Classic dishes – not to mention the same great flavours. So even if your appetite isn’t what it used to be, you won’t lose out on these essential nutrients.

These award-winning Purée Petite dishes now look better than ever! It’s so important to us that our purée meals look delicious as well as tasting great – after all, we eat with our eyes too! So we bring you our latest development – an innovative new finish on our Purée Petite meals that makes sausages look freshly- sizzled and chips and potatoes beautifully browned.

*Energy dense: at least 500 calories per portion. 


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You can choose from 20 delicious dishes in our Purée Petite range. With options ranging from warming puréed casseroles to traditional beef, chicken and lamb dinners - and even Fish & Chips! Don’t miss out on our tasty vegetarian options too.

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Puree Petite – The Benefits

  • Safer swallowing – our Purée Petite dishes meet the latest NHS texture guidelines, ensuring that they are a safe consistency for those on a Level 4 puréed diet.
  • They’re nutritionally balanced – they contain a similar calorie and protein content as our larger Purée Classic dishes, ensuring that they provide a similar nutritional value for those who have a smaller appetite.
  • They’re easy and convenient – no fuss and more convenient than home blending as no preparation is required. Simply cook the meals in the microwave or oven straight from the freezer.
  • They look appetising – each meal component is blended and shaped separately to resemble how you would expect them to, making them look just as good as they taste.

Puree Meals (Level 4)

Purée Petite

Our Purée Petite meals offer smaller, more manageable portion sizes, for those with swallowing difficulties whose appetite might not be what it once was.

Purée Classic

An innovative range of puréed ready meals which are a similar portion size as the rest of the main meals in the Wiltshire Farm Foods range – a convenient and tasty option.

Puréed Toasties & Snacks

Our Trio of tasty Purée Toasties and range of Snacks are ideal as a light bite or smaller lunchtime option for anyone requiring a Level 4 Purée diet.

Purée Breakfasts

From warm fruity porridges to traditional cooked breakfasts, our range of Purée Breakfasts are perfect for anyone on a Level 4 Purée diet.

Purée Desserts

We have delicious hot and cold desserts available for those who need a Level 4 Purée diet, that are simple and convenient to prepare.

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