Softer Foods Range Update- What is IDDSI?


Over the next 6 months you might notice some small label changes to your Wiltshire Farm Foods Softer Foods.


This is because over the last couple of years we have been working with a group of specialists, including dietitians and speech & language therapists, who have been developing new ways of describing and categorising foods for people with swallowing difficulties.


IDDSI (The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) will make sure that globally, we are all working together, using the same terminology and standards in the categorisation and development of texture modified foods for people with swallowing difficulties.


What does this mean for your Wiltshire Farm Foods meals?

We are continuing to name the dishes in the Softer Foods range as we do now, there will just be a little bit of extra detail on the labels for the time being. Then from Spring 2019, we will use updated names for our Softer Foods ranges. You might also notice some associated meal improvements. But don’t worry, our meals will remain as delicious, safe and easy to enjoy as before. Please see below how IDDSI will affect our ranges.

View IDDSI Framework Here

IDDSI Framework