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Blending meals so they are suitable and safe to eat for someone with swallowing or chewing difficulties can be very challenging.

Certain foods do not blend down well and it can be hard to get the right texture and consistency that is safe to eat. For example, blending peas or sweet corn can leave husks in the blended meal which creates a choking risk, as well as a risk of leaving food residue in the mouth which can be dangerous for someone with dysphagia.

There are other foods that don’t blend well, or can present problems when they are blended. Some things to bear in mind:

• Fresh fish containing bones should not be blended as it increases the risk of choking
• Vegetables that are stringy or have skins such as runner beans, peas, sweet corn and celery are difficult to blend to a smooth consistency and increase the risk of choking or other difficulties
• Fruits that have pips, seeds or skins pose similar risks. Blending these fruits and then sieving will reduce the risk, although the correct consistency must still be achieved
• Bread can also be hard to liquidise and freshly baked bread should be avoided

Other foods that do blend well are:

• Meat and chicken, which should be cooked first and any fat or gristle removed before blending
• Pasta should be cooked first until it is soft and then blended with a sauce such as a cream or cheese based sauce
• Potatoes are also easy to blend and should be cooked first until soft and then blended with milk and butter or margarine. Be careful not to over blend as they can go sticky
• Adding cream, milk (including evaporated or condensed), yoghurt, ice cream and custard to puddings will help achieve the right consistency
• You can use tinned fruit but ensure you drain the syrup or juice first before you blend

It is also hard to make blended food look appetising, something that is key if you or the person you are caring for is struggling to eat. It’s important to prepare appetising and nutritious meals to ensure the person with swallowing difficulties eats well and doesn’t become malnourished.

Texture Modified Ready Meals

Our ready meals come frozen and ready to pop in the microwave or oven – much quicker, easier and most importantly safer than blending. They are also nutritionally balanced, so you or your loved one are getting the nutrients needed to recover from an illness or to stay well.

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